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The Campus

R. R. Morarka Public School is located at Dwarikesh Nagar (Bundki) in the Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh. Spread over an area of 3.12 acres, the campus offers exclusive and most modern facilities in a world class learning environment.
The three story building has been artistically designed and decorated. Separate land has been acquired for building residential accommodation for the members of the faculty. Residential Campus for the Principals and teachers, christened as Saraswati Vihar is established adjacent to the main campus.
The magnificent structure is an excellent example of good architectural planning, quality construction work and aesthetic landscaping. The exquisite architecture provides spacious and airy classrooms, allowing ample natural light to enter. The School building hosts well equipped science, computer, maths laboratories, activities room, sports room, music room and a well equipped library.
A unique feature of the school is a modern-multipurpose ‘Auditorium’ especially used for organizing seminars, performing art & cultural activities. There are two indoor court for Badminton. The outdoor area comprises spacious playground with sporting facilities for track and field events, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball and Football etc.
The sprawling RRMPS building exudes a warm invitation to the seekers of quality education and provides a congenial learning experience. The location is free from congestion and commercial activities, and therefore, provides an excellent ambience for a peaceful learning experience.
The school has a safe drinking water supply system and stand-by generators for uninterrupted power supply. It has round the clock security. To bring the children from their homes and to drop them back, transport facility has also been made available by the school management.


The RRMPS school campus, with its cluster of buildings and facilities often comes out as a pleasant surprise to people who don’t expect such expansive and impressive set up in a rural environment. The school, which runs on a public school system, brings together all the facilities that a good public school should have and its large infrastructure gives a testimony to the fact. Other than the classrooms, the school campus includes host of other facilities including a huge auditorium, laboratories for sciences and computers, an administrative section, areas for club activities and housing facilities for teachers.


Radheshyam Morarka Sabhagar, as the large school auditorium is called, provides a facility to conduct varied functions and activities. The auditorium has been the centre of some memorable programmes, functions, events and lectures during the past decade and continues to attract people looking for cultural/ academic stimulation. It is a huge hall.
The installations here are equipped with advanced technology required for all kinds of events, competitions, functions, programmes, workshops and conferences etc. The auditorium, named after the inspiring personality Late Sh. R.R. Morarka, impresses for its design and adaptability, culture and tradition, history and progressiveness.
This spirit of drawing together the present and modernism has also been a feature of the design of the Auditorium.


The school library has a collection of good books, magazines and newspapers to suit the taste and interest of every student. Regular additions are made to keep up with recent publications. Students are encouraged to use the library frequently and open self system is followed. Students and staff can always be found there happily browsing over books and magazines.
Students are encouraged to borrow books to read in their spare time besides allotted library period in the school time table. E-library with collection of C.D and cassettes and supervised internet is also available. Teachers are constantly attending knowledge centre for multimedia contents to be brought to smart class.


Labs are thoughtfully designed to satisfy the inquisitiveness and the quest for innovation and research. The School has separate labs for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology fully equipped with the latest devices and experimental kits to meet the requirements of the syllabus, as also to provide an easy access to experimentation and exploration.


The school premises falls in the vicinity of Dwarikesh Group’s (DSIL) sugar plant where great attention is paid to the conservation of environment. DSIL has obtained UNFCC accreditation for CDM (Clean Development Mechanism). This accreditation is awarded to industries who contribute in the war against global warming by minimizing pollution levels, promoting greenery and using environment friendly technology.
DSIL has taken up an extensive forestation programme in the entire Dwarikesh Nagar area. Its Task Force has planted more than 10,000 trees in the area. The group also buys seedlings and saplings and distribute them free of cost to the residents of neighboring villages.
Even inside the school campus, a pleasantly green and healthy environment is unmistakable. Series of trees, bushes, colorful flowers and beautifully landscapped lawns makes the students feel nice and happy. Plants cover most surfaces and are piled precariously on walls and stairwells. Preservation of this soothing green environment is part of the school’s philosophy.
Not only does it help keep the local environment healthy and safe for our lovely, tender tiny-tots. The school’s work has also inspired our children who take active interest in our nature-friendly activities and many of them can be seen requesting their teachers to let them plant a few saplings. Unknowingly but surely, they are moving towards a green lifestyle which makes us feel very satisfied.
With the view of enhancing awareness of biodiversity conservation, negotiating local environmental issues, and creating a “clean and green consciousness” among the campus community through various innovative methods, management , faculty members and students of R R Morarka Public School have also initiated and formed Eco-club, RRMPS. This indicates towards a comprehensive ‘green approach’ being followed at the RRMPS.

Sports and Fields

The school accords high importance to overall personality development and physical fitness of its students. This is evident in the extensive infrastructure developed here to promote both outdoor and indoor games. Physical as well as mental games are given special emphasis by the school authorities and this has resulted in organization of some prestigious tournaments in the school premises which has no dearth of amply developed sports fields and indoor courts.
The outdoor area comprises spacious playground with sporting facilities for track and field events, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball and Football etc. There are two indoor court for Badminton.
Sports and games form an integral part of the school curriculum. Children are required to participate in maximum three indivisual and one group event(s) and activity of their choice.
Since the school children of today aspire to achieve heights, they need to acquire skills in almost every aspect of education. In order to develop them physically, we have provided them facilities like cricket, football, basketball, badminton, volleyball, skating, table tennis, aerobics, yoga etc. Children are encouraged to play these games. Lectures on health education are arranged to motivate them to learn how to live a hygienic and healthy life.
RRMPS believes that sports are very important from a holistic education perspective and provide lifelong pleasure, fulfillment, relaxation, physical fitness, self-esteem and fosters a team spirit. Inter-house competitions include athletics, football, cricket, basket-ball. The school also participates in CBSE inter school sports competitions. In the indoor sport activities Chess, carrom, badminton and table tennis competitions are held.
For the mental development, we try and develop their confidence through various activities. They are encouraged to participate in debate, declamation, art & craft competition, reading habit besides many more. As a result of our efforts, most of the students have become independent and self confident.