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A Place to Grow

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Our teachers take special effort to cultivate a warm and friendly teacher-student relationship. Less strength in school help the teachers to be student centric and individual attention is given to each and every child. Outdoor experiences and co-curricular activities add fun to learning.

Cultural Activities

Young students of our nation are the leaders of tomorrow. The future of our country depends upon them. Their knowledge, values, character, commitment and skill shall decide the future of our country. Our value education programme in RRMPS helps the child in aiming high, it leads to development of complete personality i.e. intellectual, moral, aesthetic, social and spiritual. Such students then become conscious citizens. Our faculty also has been fully trained to develop scholars, to inculcate ethics and values through guidance. We take pride in celebrating various events through the year like Independence Day, Teachers Day, Children’s Day, Sports Meet, Republic Day and Founder’s Day.

Special Events

As per the guidelines of CBSE, the school organizes Indian Classical Cultural Events through SPICMACAY (Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music & Cultural Heritage Among Youth) programmes.
Mr. Bhole Nath Mishra, the renowned vocalist and his three member’s team performed on 1st September’ 2012 in Radheyshyam Morarka Sabhagar. The 2 hour long programme was attended by the students of Classes IX to XII.
Such programmes not only help to create an awareness among the new generation about traditional cultural heritage of India but also build an environment for promotion of Indian Classical Music & Dance among youth. One of our students Ms. Paridhi Gupta of Class – XI got the rare opportunity to play harmonium in the very concert with much appreciation.

Other Activities

We provided facilities to develop skills in our students in vocal / instrumental music. As a result of our efforts many students have developed music sense and are doing well in singing and playing musical instruments. We have also provided facilities for training scholars in classical and western dance. Desire of achieving and harnessing talent is inborn in most of the children. We provide the facilities and necessary infrastructure to transform their talent into skill. Art, fine art and performing art are given special importance.
Morning Assembly: THE MORNING Assembly is most important activity of the school. It is conducted daily by the Principal and attended by the staff and students. Every one present sing prayers and devotional songs, house songs, celebrate National and International days. Students are trained to take pledges, share the thought, chant Sanskrit Shlokas, celebrate birth days and important announcements are made.

Workshop / Seminars

RRMPS takes special care of its students in order to develop them fully. The programme introduced in RRMPS is of systematic arrangement and ensures that the child’s personality reflects human virtues, intellectual growth, moral, social and aesthetic conscious. The results of our school have been a proof of our commitment to quality and progression. Our students are raised in a favourable environment and our academic programme is based on environmental relevance.




RRMPS also believes in practical learning. The students are given opportunities to participate in field trips and long tours. The school organizes short and long educational trips to places of cultural, historical and scientific importance. The whole excursion is planned to be a ‘learning by seeing’ trip.

“Learning beyond Classroom” is the hallmark of the school educational system. So, to achieve this, educational tours are regularly organised by the school to promote national and international understanding. Tours of national importance are being organised to develop understanding of our cultural heritage camping expeditions, picnics, visit to world heritage sites are also organized.


Staff Picnic: Management of the school believes ‘Only fresh mind can produce good results’ , for the same reason Staff Tours and Picnics are also organized every year.

Sporting Activities

Since the school children of today aspire to achieve heights, they need to acquire skills in almost every aspect of education. In order to develop them physically, we have provided them facilities like cricket, football, basketball, badminton, volleyball, skating, table tennis, aerobics, yoga etc. Children are encouraged to play these games. Lectures on health education are arranged to motivate them to learn how to live a hygienic and healthy life.

For the mental development, we try and develop their confidence through various activities. They are encouraged to participate in debate, declamation, art & craft competition, reading habit besides many more. As a result of our efforts, most of the students have become independent and self confident. Sports and games form the integral part of the school curriculum. Children are required to participate in maximum three indivisual and one group event(s) and activity of their choice. RRMPS believes that sports are very important from a holistic education perspective and provide lifelong pleasure, fulfillment, relaxation, physical fitness, self-esteem and fosters a team spirit. Inter-house competitions include athletics, football, cricket, basket-ball. The school also participates in CBSE inter school sports competitions. In the indoor sport activities Chess, carrom, badminton and table tennis competitions are held.