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Since its inception in the 1998 the Parent-Teacher Association Forum of RRMPS has been very active and vibrant. It has been an effective and supportive forum for the maintenance of the discipline as well as sustenance of academic excellence in the Campus.
The PTA is an advisory body to the school and serves also as a forum for discussion (s) on matters relevant to parents, the children and the school authority while working out ways and means to have an effectual and effective system that is beneficial to all.
PTA plays a pivotal role in making decisions from time to time regarding the welfare of the school. It facilitates closer association between parents and teachers in their effort to make the school an ideal for the all round education of children. It also offers parents a platform to express their views freely and frankly, thereby involving them in a process of mutual participation aimed at the welfare of the children studying in the school.
It is indeed a group to share Information about ways to improve the educational environment and teaching deliverables within RRMPS.
Our Aim for this Group is to discuss issues that would help improve RRMPS, to generate ideas and thereby ensure RRMPS is never stagnate. The idea is to develop a communication channel for the parents so that a good relationship is fostered with one another. The teachers and parents both aspire to help the children develop in all aspects of life and to achieve this goal it is necessary to work together.
The school duly recognizes the involvement of parents in the education process of their children. The rapport with the parents is established by: