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R. R. Morarka Public School takes pride in recognising talented and meritorious students as well as achievers among its faculty members. We believe that apart from academics, cultural and sporting activities too play important role in shaping the young children’s personalities and give their self-confidence a boost. There achievements in curricular as well as co-curricular activities get promptly rewarded by the school management.
R. R. Morarka Charitable Trust also provides scholarships to meritorious students.These scholarships are extended on annual basis. A scholar standing first in his/ her class on the basis of over-all performance in all tests and exams is entitled to this merit scholarship. The scholars of middle and secondary school level are awarded this scholarship on securing 10 CGPA.


S. No. Class MS/Master Scholar's Name Aggregate %age Marks Obtained Father's Name
1 III A Miss Prisha Gahlout 98.28 Anant Kumar
2 III B Master Dhananjay Singh Gaur 96 Neeraj Gaur
3 IV A Master Shubh Agarwal 99.16 Tarun Agarwal
4 IV B Miss Urvashi Sachdeva 97.72 Amit Sachdeva
5 V A Master Bhawesh Kumar Agarwal 99.06 Santosh Kumar Agarwal
6 V B Master Vinayak Agarwal 98.56 Alok Agarwal
7 VI A Miss Srishti Gupta 99.54 Dr. Manish Kumar Gupta
8 VI B Master Harshit Kalra 99.03 Jitendra Kalra
9 VII Miss Nishi Rajput 99.43 Mr. Devendra Rajput
10 VIII Miss Nandini Singh 95.11 Krishna Baldev Singh
11 IX Master Rakshit Bhatt 97.45 Kailash Chandra
12 X Miss Novneet Kaur 96.8 Hardev Singh
13 XI A Miss Isha Arora 92.85 Deepak Kumar Arora
14 XI B Miss Gurpreet Kaur 91.75 Sukhdev Singh
15 XII A Master Deepanshu Chauhan 95.2 Sanjay Kumar
16 XII B Master Sarthak Agarwal 95.8 Rajeev Kumar Agarwal

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RRMPS’s success relies on Employees’ performance – they are the face of our achievements. As such, we recognise and reward their loyalty, dedication and commitment to go beyond the call of duty.
We value the contribution employees make to our institution and we want to celebrate their achievements. We strive to provide incentives and recognition that help them grow with the growth of RRMPS. Their learning and continued development is very important to us. When one join RRMPS we guarantee that he have a good start by ensuring progress through yearly training sessions and specific induction programmes. RRMPS’s ongoing success relies on retaining the best people, which is why we are committed to them and their future. The fact that a large number of teaching staff has been with us for a long time, is a testimony itself about the working condition and the work culture prevalent in RRMPS.
This award is given for Outstanding dedication and loyalty. Our annual Long Service Awards gives us a chance to recognise those people who have dedicated 10 years of service in RRMPS. Long servers are also presented with a gift by the management and a certificate with memento as a mark of their outstanding dedication and loyalty.